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Central Heating Power Flush

Specialists in improving heating circulation

L&H plumbing and heating can help reduce your central heating bills and make your central heating system much more efficient. We have ‘power flushed’ many central heating systems throughout Somerset and have helped our customers save considerable sums of money.

Central heating systems can become very inefficient over time because little has been done to alleviate problems caused by the build up of deposits within the system itself. A build up of corrosion in your system creates a sludge that really affects the efficiency of your boiler and it’s this accumulation of sludge and corrosion deposits that can also result in boiler noise problems which get increasingly worse over time.

Traditional methods of flushing central heating systems do not effectively eliminate all the debris and the problems may return quite quickly afterwards. Our ‘Power Flush’ is a one off deep clean to ensure the radiators in your home heat up properly and get rid of any cold spots. It also helps to increase the life of the whole system, keeps your heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Power Flush SomersetThe benefits of our power flush service

  • Ensures better central heating efficiency
  • Quieter boiler operation
  • Helps to cut fuel bills
  • Radiators and house will heat up quicker
  • Prolongs life span of radiators
  • Eliminates cold spots
  • Extends life of boiler and improves efficency
  • Imprives flow and circulation of hot water
  • Cleans and descales whole system

The L&H plumbing and heating power flush service is available throughout Somerset.

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